• “I will turn all the ideas we learned today into a practical invention, and I will tell my friends to come and learn more about Daraty and the electronic components to gain new information and to expand their experiences”

    ~ Bakri Al Sabbagh, 10 years old
  • “I want to be an electronics engineer, and I liked Daraty because it presents electronics ideas in a very simple way”

    ~ Omar Al Shawa, 11 years old
  • “Daraty is a toy that teaches us how to build electronic circuits. I extremely loved the cooperation with my friends to complete nice circuits that work correctly”

    ~ Hamza Barakat, 11 years old
  • “I will tell my friends that Daraty is a very beautiful and entertaining toy, and I will ask the teachers in my school to get some Daraty toolkits for us to teach us using them”

    ~ Habeeb Rahmah, 11 years old
  • “We learned a lot of cool stuff without getting tired or bored since the tools we used were very understandable and easy to use”

    ~ Maria Einawi, 9 years old
  • “I really loved electronics and I want to add a programming element to Daraty so I can build more amazing circuits”

    ~ Marwan Haidar, 10 years
  • “Daraty is the best children product I have ever seen, it is a tool for playing that has advanced learning aspects and it presents the basics of electronics in a very delightful and children friendly way”

    ~ Mohammad Bakeer, Electronics Engineer
  • “Based on my observations, Daraty was a helping element in the learning process of the children since they used it very easily. It is also safe thus I was not cautious about letting them try it out by themselves”

    ~ Yaman Rajab, Computer Engineer and technology educator
  • “Daraty pleasantly links between the scientific knowledge provided as information and the concrete practical application of the electronics elements in reality”

    ~ Ghefar Refai, Lecturer at Electronics Engineering
  • “What makes Daraty easy to use for children is that it kept away the complexity behind electronics and it allowed them to interact with each electronic component based on its functionality”

    ~ Besher Hawoot, STEM educator
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