Daraty A Graduate of Y Combinator’s Startup School

Y Combinator is the world’s most powerful start-up incubator according to Fast Company. It has recently launched a new 10-week online program, Startup School, where Daraty applied and got accepted among 2,820 startups out of a 13,321 applied in total!

Startup School included one-on-one mentorship from past Y Combinator startup founders, virtual office hours, and an online lecture series. Surprisingly, these lectures featured founders of Facebook and Slack, some VCs, plus sessions on recruiting, diversity, and PR.

By offering this online course, Y Combinator aims at democratizing startup knowledge, promoting and preparing companies for its accelerator program. Accordingly, the Startup School Founders Track came to solve problems usually MOOCs have. Although YC didn’t invest in these startups, it helped in arranging deals for free hosting credits and other resources.

Daraty Graduated from Startup School!

At the end, 797 out of the 1,584 active participating startups have posted public demo videos and Daraty was among them, you can check Daraty’s entry here. Successfully, Daraty has completed Startup School from Y Combinator and it is now a graduate of #SUS2017!

Posted on June 24, 2017 in Updates

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