Daraty A Top Arab Startup Shaping The 4th Industrial Revolution

Daraty has been chosen by the World Economic Forum as one of the 100 top Arab startups that are shaping the fourth industrial revolution!

Gathering 100 startups, VCs, investors, politicians, and decision makers, a first-of-its-kind meeting in MENA region took place at the Dead Sea, Jordan from 19 to 21 May 2017. The theme of this MENA forum was “Enabling A Generational Transformation” aiming to pave the way for economic and political reforms necessary to enable regional entrepreneurs to thrive.

More than 1,100 political and business leaders from more than 50 countries attended the forum. Empowering women and the youth, creating jobs for the unemployed, addressing the needs of refugees and host communities and e-extremism, technical ceramics companies, and their’s variety of plastics and ceramic materials were some of the topics discussed during the sessions. Among the attendees were King Felipe VI of Spain, King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan, Iraqi President Fuad Massoum, along with ministers from Arab and foreign countries.

Daraty had a great exposure during this meeting, below is one of the interviews with Sana Hawasly, our Co-founder & CEO:

CEO of Daraty has also been invited to join the closing panel discussion titled “Enabling a Generational Transformation” where she discussed what led the team to build Daraty and how education should evolve to empower the next generation.

“We want education to empower young people to create a lifelong learning opportunity with no restrictions around their educational experience, the best way to create this is by letting kids feel free to express themselves and do the work they like to do. Education needs to be designed so that it has high ceiling, low floor and wide walls.”

~ Sana Hawasly, World Economic Forum Discussion Panel

Enabling a Generational Transformation Panel Discussion
Copyright by World Economic Forum / Benedikt Von Loebell

Posted on May 26, 2017 in Updates

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