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Daraty proudly participated in encouraging more than 200 children in Syria to explore, play, learn, and invent using Daraty toolkit! Daraty was responsible for the Electronics component in Education For All program, Syrian Computer Society and UN joint program. This program took place in both Aleppo and Rural Damascus during January and February 2018.

Education For All program provides the children and youth in Syria with better educational experiences within their schools and to ensure their safe use of digital communications. It is led by UNFPA Syria in cooperation with Syrian Computer Society (SCS). SCS is managing the technology activities within this project since it is an NGO taking care of conducting information technology related workshops and sessions for different age groups since 1989.

Education for All in Details

In cooperation with Syrian Computer Society, we provided 40 toolkits of Daraty Breadboard, conducted courses and managed the overall training process. During courses, we introduced children to the basic concepts of electronics through +15 examples and projects where they developed circuitry understanding through their own experimentation. Throughout this, children were engaged, able to personalize their projects, and able to cooperate with other children!

Check out the photos of this pilot experience where children enjoyed playing with Daraty!

We were passionate to introduce children of Syria to such STEM activities. At Daraty, we set children ready for the market of tomorrow by letting them develop the 2030 skills by practice. This includes teamwork, problem-solving, decision making, and creativity!

Posted on March 27, 2018 in Updates

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